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5 Unique Passive Income Ideas — How I Make $4,580/Month

Top unique and creative ones, read this article if you want to retire immediately!

Mark Vassilevskiy
5 min readNov 21, 2022


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So you want to earn some extra cash. That’s the right place to start. I’ve analyzed the whole industry of passive income and applied some of these methods myself. So you can be sure that each of them is a working method.

If you don’t know what passive income means, it’s simply something that makes you money while you sleep. In other words, this is not an active job from 9 to 5.

To create passive income, you first need to put something in, and then it will generate some income. For instance, to start earning from Medium, you first need to write several articles. But we’ll talk a little bit later about it!

I know how all of you guys are tired of hearing the same thing over and over. I tried to explain only the ones that are unique or the ones that really work. I hope you’ll love it!

Liquidity Pools

By enabling users to deposit their digital assets into a pool and trade the pool tokens on the DEX (Decentralized Exchanges), liquidity pools provide the liquidity required for them to run.

In other words, you can give some of your crypto coins to the pool and get a percentage of them over time. It’s like a deposit in a bank. However, liquidity pools are usually offering much higher rates, and they’re working on blockchain.

It can also be better because you’re investing in crypto at the same time. You’re getting some percentage in crypto, and if it grows, you’ll also get money from it. But crypto is a highly volatile sphere, and you should consider these risks before investing in some liquidity pool.

The most important DEX right now is Uniswap. It’s actually one of the first ones on the market and works on Ethereum. There are also many others, such as PanckakeSwap, Compound, and so on.

Selling Templates

If you’re good at something, there are always many ways to monetize it. For example, selling a digital product in this industry or specifically through partnerships.



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